Mildenhall AirFete 23rd May 1998.
Photo-Special of the AC-130U.
Identification: 16th SOW / 4th SOS, 90-0167, callsign 'Spooky 49',  tdy; Brindisi, Italy.
Nose   105mm.howitzer.
Nose 105mm.(Side-ejectionport  :-) )
Nose 105mm. Breech.
Gun-array 105mm. Hydraulics.
Broadside 40mm. Breech.
Nose 105mm. Empty.
Flying the flag 105mm. Empty.
Side-view. 105mm. Flashguard.
Side-view. 40mm. Flashguard.
Side-view 25mm. GAU
Aft-section. 25mm. Close-up.
Aft-section 25mm. Too close.
With thanks to the crewmembers of  '0167' .