A-26C Invader
Douglas Aircraft

A-26C Invader (click for full size image)
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      The Douglas A-26 Invader was probably one of the most unheralded U.S. aircraft during its years of service. Overshadowed by the more glamorous types or assigned roles, which kept it out of the public view, the Invader amassed a record the likes of which few other U.S. planes ever achieved.
      It is one of the few American designs to be developed, evaluated and produced during World War II and it has the distinction of being one of the few U.S. combat aircraft to serve in that war, the Korean Conflict, and in Vietnam.
      The A-26 first flew in 1942 and by 1945 was heavily used throughout the European an Pacific theaters of World War II. Modified A-26s saw duty as night intruders against pinpoint targets and as night fighters. They also served in the Korean Conflict providing ground support to allied armies.
      In 1948, the A-26 became the B-26. The Air Force re-designated it as a member of the bomber family instead of the attack family.
      Vietnam produced more roles for the B-26. With new radar and other modifications, they often supported special forces in night missions. Some B-26s accompanied jet fighters in day attacks and dug out targets that the jets could not reach.
      Our A-26 was delivered to the Air Force July 19, 1945, and was assigned to Biggs AFB, Texas. It was dropped from the inventory in April 1958 and later became a civil transport and flying test bed.
Manufacturer: Douglas
Designation: A-26
Version: C
Serial Number: 44-35913
Nickname: Invader
Equivalent to: B-26C
Type: Attack Bomber (Light)
Crew: 3
7th Bomb Wing Sponsor: 28th Bombardment Squadron
Length: 51' 3"
Height: 18' 6"
Wingspan: 70' 0"
Wingarea: 540.00 Sq Ft
Empty Weight: 22850.0 lbs
Gross Weight: 27600.0 lbs
Max Weight: 35000.0 lbs
No. of Engines: 2
Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-2800-27
Horsepower (each): 2000
Range: 1400 miles
Cruise Speed: 284.00 mph
Max Speed: 337.00 mph
Ceiling: 22100.0 ft
Guns: 8 .50-caliber machine guns in the nose
Bombs (internal): 4,000 lbs
Bombs (external): Wing attachment points for rockets

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